The 11:11, Synchronicity and Twinflame

Seeing the 11:11 usually occurs during an important or transitional phase of your life. You may be experincing other synchchronicities around this time. The synchronicites may increase as you move closer to the new event, person or situation and transition into new energies. Deep and personal revelations may occur during this phase. The more aware you are consciously of this, the more the signs and synchronicities will occur, guiding you towards your new path and urging you to trust your intuition and your heart. This is a path of self-awakening for you. Very soon your twin soul and you may be guided to one another when the time and conditions are right for your meeting. 11:11 may mean something to this person as well. Twinflames often have a personal connection to the 11:11 or other double or triple digits.

You may or may not know you have met your twin when you finally do meet them in person or online even. The feeling of knowing a twinflame often feels similar to seeing the 11:11. You may get a feeling of magnetic attraction that you can't explain, a familiarity or inner 'knowing' that you just can't seem to put into words, but the feeling may match the feelings you experience in dreams or vision that you had prior to the meeting. You may feel that you are at home or that you are picking up where you left off. There may be many synchronicities and parallels between both souls. Dynamics and synchroncities such as these can occur in important soulmate connections as well, and in some unique situations the soulmate is somehow connected to the twinflame.

twinflame lovers heart connecting energy When meeting your twin they may relate to similar experiences with numbers. Synchronicities may occur between you frequently. They may also share similarities in their dreams and visions of meeting you and other thoughts and feelings may be similar. The 1111 may pop up here and there during your connection, alerting you to having met your twin and also reminding you that you are on a destined path at this time there is more work to be done on an inner level. The Synchronicities will guide you. You are right where you need to be at this time and the stars are aligned.

11:11 Soulmate Connection

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A SYNCHRONICITY is more than just a '"meaingful coincidence". It's very common for Synchronicities to start happening more frequently during a twinflame or soulmate connection. One may start to see the 11:11 synchronicity right around the time they meet their twinflame.

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