Synchronicity and Twin Flame Soulmates

A sychronicity is often referred to as a meaningful coincidence. It is a acausal connection between an internal interpretation and an external event. Synchronicity is a common occurence between twinflames and soulmates. There is sychronicity in the mirrored actions that occur within their lives and in the relationship that seem highly unlikely to have happened by chance or coincidence.

A sequence of sychronicities may occur in someones life when it is leading up to meeting their twin soulmate. Soulmates may share a very similar life purpose and come together to help each other with this cause. They mirror each other in terms of the energies that both souls are giving out.

As the synchronicities occur within the physical lives of the soulmate, they begin to recognize this as a symbol of their connection. If they surrender to the connection, and put their ego aside they begin to realise that these occurrences are definately not coincidence.

The twin souls begin to realize that their individual paths are purposely bringing them together and putting them in the same place at the same time for a reason. Twin souls tend to meet when both are at the stage to accelerate their learning and growth.

twinflame lovers heart connecting energy The synchronicities also occur to help show them that although they live different lives, they are also part of the same path. The mirror between the two causes them to feel a close bond with one another, and this also acts as a catalyst to personal growth and understanding of the soul. The mirroring and the synchronicity sparks wonder and curiosity to discover what is underneath the surface, and eventually they learn to look inward to find the answers and meaning to their connection. Once the twin souls take notice of this phenomena they start their mutual journey of self discovery.

Twin soul mates may sometimes share similar backgrounds to each other, and similar life experiences or events that occurred around the same time period. This is because the individual souls are working on similar issues to overcome or complementary lessons. When the individual looks inward to find wholeness, extend of 'outside of one's self' in order to feel complete, then the synchronicties will happen more often and become more meaningful.

The twin souls have lessons to learn from each other and synchronicity can be their guide. The synchronicities help to wake them up to take notice. When one is ready for awakening, so the other will be also, but it often comes down to the free will of each individual whether they are ready to look inward and take action for personal growth, or rather they will remain in the ego or shadow self.

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