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twin hearts

The Law of Attraction and Love It is said that 'like attracts like'. It means that whatever your predominate thoughts are will show up as people and experiences in your life.The Law of Attraction works perfectly every time. It can work for or against you. You can use the law of attraction to attract a soul mate relationship into your life with a few simple techniques... Read More...

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The difference between Soul and Spirit
Making a distinction between soul and spirit can be difficult. Most people use the words interchangeably, yet the “spirit” and “soul” refer to two different things. A spirit is somewhat different from a soul or a body. And a soul is somewhat different from a body or a spirit. Body-Spirit(heart)-Soul(mind) describe the complete or entire makeup of a person... Read More...

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The Difference Between The Soul and The Spirit

Twin Souls-- "The term soul mates is often used to mean twin souls; but there is an important distinction. Twin souls are two sides of the same soul, whereas group souls, though intimately related, are separate. We have many soul mates but only one twin soul..."

"Twin Souls"
P. Joudry & M. Pressman, M.D.