Twinflame Challenges

How Ego can hinder a Twin Flame relationship

Most twin flame intimate relationships are so intense that the couples cannot stay together. This is true for some soulmate relationships as well. The partners are so close that anything between them other than love is intolerable, and this means that everything from the past will need healing.

Basically a false twin flame is someone that has a few similar traits to a real twin flame but has yet to make the connection with their own soul and purpose. A false twin lacks their own inner connection with their Soul and higher purpose and will plug into the foundation an intimate partner has already established in their life.

The false twin relationships will manifest itself in very similar qualities of the true flame connection. Why is this? The false energy has not yet mastered within themselves the higher levels of consciousness and self reflection that a true twin has. So instead of doing the difficult emotional inner work, the false twin will attach themselves to the more evolved twin and absorb their energy and essence as their own. Whether done on a subconscious level or not, this type of energy exchange is very dangerous for the true twin.

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