The 11:11 Soul Connection

There is a reason why we see 11:11 as time prompts everywhere in life around the same time we first make contact with our twin flame. Even if we don't fully understand it in the conscious forefront of our mind that we have met our twin flame, the sign will be there alerting us and trying to awaken us to it.

Even if you have not physically met your twinflame yet, or if you are not aware of who they are on a physical level (even if your twinflame is not embodied on earth and is in a non-physical realm) you are still able to communicate with one another on a soul level. You may not be fully or consciously aware of this, but you may be connecting to your twin through dreams, intuition or visions. This usually happens more frequenctly prior to actually meeting your twinflame for the first time in this lifetime, whether in person or on the internet.

In dreams or visions, you may have an experience of connecting with someone familiar. You feel the energy of this being, even if you can not make out the physical appearance of this person in your mind. You feel that there is a ongoing connection with someone who is 'out there' somewhere, who can feel or is aware of you on some subtle level. You long to be re-united with this being. This is your twinflame. You may even be able to tap into this space to connect with them whenever you will.

The 11:11 may also appear during an important soul mate connection. Often this soulmate connection is extremely important for your soul growth and it may become a major relationship in your life. Often a very intense soulmate connection where painful lessons and deep soul growth occur prior to your twin manifestating in your life. There may be a soulmate connection that appears immediately after the meeting of the twin as well.

The 11:11 often appears during periods of accelerated soul growth. Intense energies are stirring at this time. These feelings can be pure bliss and bring about raising of vibration and consciousness, or very disturbing or uncomfortable as in a dark night of the soul. Old aspects of yourself get stripped away so new energies and new perceptions can prepare you and lead you further on a destined path, and towards an intense soulmate relationship or a re-uniting with your twinflame.

11:11 Soulmate Synchronicity

The 11:11 Synchronicity and The TwinFlame

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A SYNCHRONICITY is more than just a '"meaingful coincidence". It's very common for Synchronicities to start happening more frequently during a twinflame or soulmate connection. One may start to see the 11:11 synchronicity right around the time they meet their twinflame.

The Meaning of Synchronicity


Synchronicity and Twin Flames

The Meaning of Synchronicity

The 11:11 Syhcnronicity

The 11:11 Twinflame Synchronicity

The 11:11 Symbology and the TwinFlame

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