The 11:11 Symbology and the TwinFlame

11:11 can symbolize a bridge between the words (physical and non physical -- visible and non-visible). As Above So Below, As Below So Above; As Within So Without, As Without So Within. It is about reflection. Your soulmate may mirror you on many levels. A twinflame will mirror you on an even deeper soul level. The good and the bad, conscious and subconscious.

11:11 can also represent Polarity. There are two sides to every coin. It represents the feminine and masculine energies. We each have both energies within us, regardless of are physical gender. These two energies must be awakened and brought into balance and harmony.

Seeing the 11:11, IS a synchronicity itself. Understanding synchronicity can give one a deeper understanding and awareness of how all things are connected but not necessarily in a linear 3 dimensional way of understanding. Synchronicities often seem illogical or beyond probability or coincidence. They have meaning because you feel it and know it. It is a personal experience. It is the 'knowing and the feeling' you have to hold onto to so you can recognize this when it happens.

Synchroncities also show us how the inner world is reflected in the outer world and vice versa. Internal and external reality are not seperate but ONE on a higher level. 11(inner) : 11(outer). The " : " may represent the veil in between the two. The 11:11 itself, is the whole. There is no separation on the level of oneness.

The 11:11 is a good visual example of the Twinflame energies and how they connect. (11:11) - The ONE soul (feminine/masculine as energy not gender), that was split into two souls. 11 : 11

Each 11 represents each twin as a unique soul of their own with the feminine and masculine energies within them ( 1 1 )( 1 1 ), yet each are still connected as ONE on a higher level (11 11).

The separation of the two, whether one or both are incarnated in the physical, is apparent by the " : " veil that is between them, but yet there is still a telepathic connection. Think of the yin yang symbol and its meaning. When the twinflames re-unite we have the 11:11, when they return to their original ONE soul we could see it like this (11:11) or even (1) or ().

yin yang symbol masculine and feminine energy

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A SYNCHRONICITY is more than just a '"meaingful coincidence". It's very common for Synchronicities to start happening more frequently during a twinflame or soulmate connection. One may start to see the 11:11 synchronicity right around the time they meet their twinflame.

The Meaning of Synchronicity


11:11 Soulmate Connection

The 11:11 Syhcnronicity

The 11:11 Twinflame Synchronicity

The 11:11 Symbology and the TwinFlame

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