Divine and Unconditional Love

Hands holding snow shaped heart with burst of sunlight

LOVE allows us to see the oneness in everyone and everything and not just the differences. It allows us to see that all is connected and all has its origins at Source. It helps us to see that everything is inter-connected and that we are all sharing this human experience together. When love is present we see our own soul reflected in the eyes of another.

LOVE allows us to see lifes challenges, problems, barriers and obstacles as lessons and opportunities learning, growth and healing. Love brings to us an expanded awareness of the life experience and we open ourselves up to synchronicity. We have faith and we allow love to guide our soul.

LOVE allows us to enjoy life in the here and the now, for life in the present is a precious gift. It allows us to be grateful for all that is here and now and to appreciate all that we have in this moment. It allows us to focus on what we have instead of what we do not have

LOVE allows us to forgive ourselves and to forgive others. It awakens compassion of the heart and does not wish to disrespect or hurt another. When we hurt another or refuse to forgive we are simply hurting ourselves and creating karma.

LOVE allows true wisdom to rise up within you and to guide you through the life experience from a soul perspective. We begin to let go of worry, fear and doubt. We trust our heart and we trust our intuition.

LOVE allows us to find the comfort, support and the trust from within ourselves that we no longer need or seek to find it in others or from anything external. We can then bring love into our relationships and extend this loving energy to others instead of trying to get love or take energy from them.

LOVE allows us to see our physical body from a new vantage point, one of kindness and mercy where there is no judgement or rejection. This new perspective brings with it positive changes to our health and well being and our whole body image is transformed.

DIVINE LOVE allows you to be who you truly are.

Divine & Unconditional Love

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