The Twinflame Soul Reflection - Meeting Your Energetic Mirror

Lovers golden heart reflection sunet Who are you? Do you know yourself from the inside out? All relationships act as mirrors to give us a glimpse into ourselves. The mirror reveals our hopes and fears, our ideas and beliefs, allowing them to rise to the surface for self-reflection. Self-reflection allows us to become more aware of who we are on a deeper level and brings us in touch with our most authentic self. The twinflame connections is the ultimate mirror that reflects our soul and ego intentions. It challenges us to face our shadows and to uncondionally love and embrace all aspects of ourselves--whether negative or positive. Our twinflame reflects our shadow self, for better or for worse. It can propel us into an awakening and set the stage for true spiritual growth, or it can cast us into a dark night of the soul if the negative energies become too intense. What about you feels authentic? Whether it is a time honoured value or belief, an attitude you have adopted or an opinion you hold onto, what is it that makes you feel like you are living your truth? and is an honest part of who you feel are?

If you are on a spiritual path then you have most likely awakened to, or grown into many personal truths along your journey of self discovery. These are the parts of you that feel authentic. They feel just right and when you are comfortable expressing these truths or when you experience them in your life you are seeing from the perspective of the soul--the real you.

When you embrace these truths you become the qualities that they represent. You resonate with that particular vibration.

You will feel drawn to the people who share a similar vibration. They will resonate with those qualities within you as well. This is happening on an energetic level and more involved feelings and intuition rather than thought and logic.

Twin flame lovers fire of the soul mates

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