The Source of Twin Flame Love

Buddhism symbol wheel of karma Every human being on this planet has a deep yearning for his or her One True Love. This incredible and heart-felt longing has been with humanity from the very beginning. When we experience a profound and unconditional Love with another person, we feel whole and complete. What we are really experiencing is a deep conenction with Source, and some call this energy God. We are remembering that our very nature is to be in Love, because it is this Love that is at the Source of all things. A twinflame connection is giving us a glimpse into ourselves and into the very heart and wholeness of God. There is no separation involved in this type of Love because it is truly unconditional Love.

Typically, it has been that when someone loves another that they are loving them in a very conditional or limited way; in other words, we look to another in order to fulfill some void or lack within ourselves. The wholeness of Love that we withhold or do not realize is already within ourselves, is often the very Love that we seek to receive or gain from another in order to feel complete. There is no need to seek out another to give you the Love that is already present within yourself. This love is always present and there is an unlimited supply of it. You are already complete because you are intimately connected to the Source that is Love. You are never separate from this source, but often we do not remember or realize this.

True and Unconditional Love is eternal and infinite--it just IS; it seeks to create and expand more of ITself through any heart channel that will realize its presence and allow it to flow into the physical world and into the hearts of others. When we do not realize this Love is present and that it connects us to the source of all things, then we are disconnected and limited in our ability to Love another fully. Instead of remembering and reconnecting to this Infinite Source of Love within ourselves, we look to another individual to provide us with that same intense Love. Most individuals are not aware of the powerful source of Love within themselves. Often it is because they have blocked the connection and are focused only on receiving that love though material means or looking to another individual to provide them with all the love they need to feel 'complete'.

When two individuals are both self-aware of the infinite source of all Love within themselves--Love that is Unconditional and always present, then this powerful Love can be expressed with one another on many levels. This is the Sacred and Divine Love that is possible between Twinflames. Any conditional, selfish, needy or egotistical attempts at Love between these two individuals will only create chaos; for the very purpose of the Twinflame union, is to allow the Unconditional wholeness of Source Love to be channeled through the connection in order to be made manifest onto the physical plane. When this harmonious interaction and exchange happens, the twinflame connection can be experienced to its fullest degree and it can be complete bliss. We are the ONE that we have been waiting for.

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The Universal Laws of Karma






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The twin flame, or perfect love, is born out of the original white-fire ovoid. This is an ovoid of light in which you are created in the Central Sun, the highest concentration of pure Spirit in the universe. God takes t he ovoid and he makes out of it two spheres of light. Read More...